Thanks to everyone who voted Remain in Broxtowe

The result here:

Broxtowe result: LEAVE – 29,672 remain and 35,754 leave

It’s a bitterly disappointing result, but the fight will go on.


Vote Remain tomorrow!


Broxtowe Green Party is urging all its local supporters to vote Remain in tomorrow’s EU Referendum.

Paul Anderson, local campaigns manager, said:

It’s clear from the polls that this is too close to call. Every single Remain vote is vital tomorrow. If we want a greener, fairer future then we must stay in the EU and work with other greens across Europe to reform it from the inside. This is not the time to walk away.


If you unsure how or where to vote, Broxtowe Council have a webpage providing advice, or you can ring them: (0115) 917 3276


Remain campaign stall – Saturday

We’ll be running another EU Remain campaigning stall in Beeston centre on Saturday (18th) from 10:30am.

Meet at the Bell statue just down from Sainsbury’s.

Please do come down if you have a little time to spare. This is the crucial last week before the vote.

As Richard Eddleston, our chair, writes in a campaigning email:

Judging by the latest polls, if we care about remaining in Europe, then we need to do everything we possibly can to achieve that result.  As it is, it is looking increasingly likely that Boris will be Prime Minister in a couple of months time.


EU Campaigning in Beeston

Discussing the EU vote with Kat Boettge (centre), lead Green Party candidate for the European Union Parliament.


A busy morning campaigning in Beeston for EU Remain. Lots of interest and discussion, but the vote will be very close – many Broxtowe voters are tending towards Leave. If you are a Remain supporter you need to make sure you vote on 23rd June.