Broxtowe Greens and LibDems announce election alliance for May

Broxtowe Greens have today announced an electoral alliance with the Liberal Democrats for the forthcoming County elections in May.

The Greens will not stand in Bramcote and Beeston North, but instead offer our endorsement of the LibDem candidate, Steve Carr.

The Greens will also not stand in Stapleford and Broxtowe, again offering to endorse the LibDem candidates.

In exchange, the LibDems will not stand in Kimberley, where former town councillor Kat Boettge will be running for the Greens. They will also not stand in Greasley, where Beth Hewis will run for the Greens. Both candidates will be endorsed by the LibDems.

Local activist, Kat Boettge said: “It’s time for a different politics, a politics of co-operation and opposing the two party system.”




4 thoughts on “Broxtowe Greens and LibDems announce election alliance for May

  1. May I ask what’s intended for the Toton, Chilwell & Attenborough ward? The LibDems are staunchly pro-HS2 and have already opened up Toton’s green belt for development to bring HS2 to Toton against the wishes of the vast majority of Toton residents. Further, the LibDems have made it perfectly clear that they have absolutely no intention whatsoever of defending Toton residents against the noise & nuisance of HS2. It would be nice to have an anti-HS2 candidate that wasn’t UKIP.


      • If the two Green Party candidates would like to meet to receive background information on Toton, green belt, HS2, etc, please contact me. I’ve been actively opposing these developments for over four years. In 2015, David Kirwan attended a Toton CAT meeting at my invitation.


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