Pat Morton to run for Greens in Broxtowe

Local party activist, Pat Morton, was selected last night to be the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for Broxtowe Green Party for the ‘snap’ General Election in June.

At a meeting held at Middle Street Resource Centre, local members heard from a number of nominated candidates and voted for Pat to be the prospective candidate.

4 thoughts on “Pat Morton to run for Greens in Broxtowe

  1. Hi, just wondered why given Labour candidate Greg Marshall’s sensitivity to green policies, you don’t support him in a tactical way to stop the nightmare that is Anna Soubry. Your own co-leader is in favour of tactical voting. I wonder if you can comment? Thanks and best wishes, Simon Cross (Broxtowe voter)


  2. There has been much discussion around the idea of the Progressive Alliance, in which left and centre-left parties would make local agreements in certain areas. To date though, Labour, at least as far as the national leadership is concerned, have refused to be involved. This has made it difficult to make local decisions. After much debate the Broxtowe members decided we would run a candidate this time.

    Broxtowe did undertake an arrangement with the LibDems during the recent local elections, so it is not as if we as a local party are not open to these kinds of discussions where there are clear, shared policy goals.

    This time it was not to be.


  3. As the candidate standing I am very aware of this question. I agree with our co-leader, Jonathan Bartley’s response. The reluctance of the main parties to take part in an alliance means that If we unilaterally stand aside without appearing on the ballot paper, nothing changes. The Green Party needs to be seen and heard if we are to make a difference.


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