Tomorrow is General Election voting day!

It does seem like a long seven weeks, but finally the day is upon is: tomorrow (Thursday) is polling day.

We’d like to urge you to vote Green for the following reasons:

  • Only the Greens are deeply serious about climate change and this real and present danger to our way of life.
  • Only the Greens will fight flat-out for an inclusive, tolerant society with a positive vision for a sustainable future.
  • Only the Greens are fully committed to a fully public NHS, with free prescriptions for medication.
  • Only the Greens want an economy that truly works for everyone.
  • Only the Greens will introduce a universal basic income.
  • Only the Greens will tackle the stress and family pressures that come from our long working hours culture (we’ll phase in a 4 day week).
  • Only the Greens will launch a major programme to build affordable, zero carbon homes, including 100,000 social rented homes each year by 2022.

There’s plenty more on our manifesto website:


Finally, forget all the noises-off about Greens standing in the way of a Labour victory in Broxtowe. If Labour want to win then they need to win on their own platform, not by trying to persuade other parties to stand aside.

As Jonathan Bartley, Green Party co-leader says:

“My message to voters ahead of tomorrow is to vote with your heart, and vote Green.”

Vote Pat Morton

This is a statement from Pat Morton, who is the Green Party candidate in Broxtowe, in next Thursday’s election:

Pat Morton, PPC for Broxtowe.


The Green Party presents an opportunity to change the current divisive politics that ignores poverty and to tackle climate change and protect our environment.

I want to defend our public services, whilst creating a thriving and healthy local environment for us to live in, so standing for parliament in Broxtowe on behalf of the Green Party is a privilege.

I moved to Eastwood from Birmingham with my 7 year old son some 40 years ago and made this area my permanent home. I have had a long and successful career working in construction and higher education and I can bring a wide range of experience as I enter politics. I am passionate about the environment and about tackling inequalities. I have held many and varied positions of responsibility through my life and I am proud of being able to stand up for my principles.

There are many challenges facing this country. The Green Party is working for a confident and caring Britain that uses its influence wisely, co-operating with our neighbours on shared challenges of terrorism and tackling climate change. We want a parliament that is representative of the diversity of modern Britain – where the public can trust their representatives.

Too many people are left to wonder if their vote is worthless in the current system. Tactical voting may work in the short term but it changes nothing. I joined the Green Party because my views were not represented in any other party. Unless we use our voice we do not get our messages across. I want to do what I can to ensure the next generation has access to good education, our National Health Service, housing, libraries, parks and other green spaces that I and many others have enjoyed for most of my life. If we don’t take action I fear for the futures of our young people.

Stand with us for a bolder, brighter and better future.