Calling local activists: day of action in Duffield Target Ward

Amber Valley Green Party are delivering the target campaign for the East Midlands Region. The campaign will focus on local election in the Duffield Ward in May 2018.

Amber Valley will be hosting a series of action days where greens from across the region will be able to lend a hand with activities such as delivering news letters, conducting surveys, and talking to residents.

It doesn’t matter if you have no experience as training will be provided.

Can you come to an action day?

The meeting point for all action days will be The Patternmakers Arms, 4 Crown St, Duffield, Belper DE56 4EY at 10:00am

The first action day is this Saturday (11th November)

For further information contact Gez Kinsella on 07962 698499 or

Vote Pat Morton

This is a statement from Pat Morton, who is the Green Party candidate in Broxtowe, in next Thursday’s election:

Pat Morton, PPC for Broxtowe.


The Green Party presents an opportunity to change the current divisive politics that ignores poverty and to tackle climate change and protect our environment.

I want to defend our public services, whilst creating a thriving and healthy local environment for us to live in, so standing for parliament in Broxtowe on behalf of the Green Party is a privilege.

I moved to Eastwood from Birmingham with my 7 year old son some 40 years ago and made this area my permanent home. I have had a long and successful career working in construction and higher education and I can bring a wide range of experience as I enter politics. I am passionate about the environment and about tackling inequalities. I have held many and varied positions of responsibility through my life and I am proud of being able to stand up for my principles.

There are many challenges facing this country. The Green Party is working for a confident and caring Britain that uses its influence wisely, co-operating with our neighbours on shared challenges of terrorism and tackling climate change. We want a parliament that is representative of the diversity of modern Britain – where the public can trust their representatives.

Too many people are left to wonder if their vote is worthless in the current system. Tactical voting may work in the short term but it changes nothing. I joined the Green Party because my views were not represented in any other party. Unless we use our voice we do not get our messages across. I want to do what I can to ensure the next generation has access to good education, our National Health Service, housing, libraries, parks and other green spaces that I and many others have enjoyed for most of my life. If we don’t take action I fear for the futures of our young people.

Stand with us for a bolder, brighter and better future.

May elections: campaigning now underway

Broxtowe Green Party have started campaigning for this May’s County Council elections, which take place on Thursday 4th May.

Over the next four weeks we’ll be out and about knocking on doors and delivering leaflets.

Key policies for this campaign include:

  • No to fracking in Notts
  • Fighting health and social care cuts
  • Planning policies for a decent and healthy local environment
  • Affordable and decent new homes at Chilwell Depot, with plenty of green spaces
  • Protection of services for mental health and young people
  • No to HS2

Information on your local Green Party candidates will follow in the next few days.

Notts County Council approves fracking site

Nottingham County Council have issued a series of tweets today indicating they have given planning permission for fracking to start in Bassetlaw.

“County Council approves Island Gas planning application for shale gas drilling at site in Misson, Bassetlaw. [1/2]”

“2/2: 37 planning conditions and a legal agreement imposed.”

We will update as we get further news.


Green Party Leadership


The Green Party is holding leadership elections this summer. Nominations for candidates have closed and voting will begin on 25th July.

The nominated leadership candidates are as follows:

  • Jonathan Bartley and Caroline Lucas (job share)
  • Clive Lord
  • David Malone
  • Martie Warin
  • David Williams

Anyone who is a party member will be able to vote and there will be hustings across the country in the next few weeks. Members will be sent emails in next few weeks outlining the voting process.

There is also an election for Green Party Deputy Leader and Broxtowe’s very own Kat Boettge is in the running for this.

For those on Twitter, you can follow the twists and turns at the twitter account:


and #GreenLeadership

Vote Remain tomorrow!


Broxtowe Green Party is urging all its local supporters to vote Remain in tomorrow’s EU Referendum.

Paul Anderson, local campaigns manager, said:

It’s clear from the polls that this is too close to call. Every single Remain vote is vital tomorrow. If we want a greener, fairer future then we must stay in the EU and work with other greens across Europe to reform it from the inside. This is not the time to walk away.


If you unsure how or where to vote, Broxtowe Council have a webpage providing advice, or you can ring them: (0115) 917 3276


Remain campaign stall – Saturday

We’ll be running another EU Remain campaigning stall in Beeston centre on Saturday (18th) from 10:30am.

Meet at the Bell statue just down from Sainsbury’s.

Please do come down if you have a little time to spare. This is the crucial last week before the vote.

As Richard Eddleston, our chair, writes in a campaigning email:

Judging by the latest polls, if we care about remaining in Europe, then we need to do everything we possibly can to achieve that result.  As it is, it is looking increasingly likely that Boris will be Prime Minister in a couple of months time.