Vote ‘Remain’ to move away from fossil fuel

Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London:

“The EU is absolutely the best place for European countries to design policies together to collectively meet our energy needs whilst phasing out fossil fuels.”

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Sign our petition for a greener Europe

The upcoming EU referendum means we could lose many rights we enjoy as workers, consumers and citizens – and vital protections for wildlife and nature that the EU gives us.

That’s why the Green Party is campaigning to stay in the EU – and to change the EU for the better.

We can’t leave the argument for remaining in the EU to friends of big business.

We need your voice to build a powerful Green campaign for a European Union that puts people and environment first – so please sign our petition.


Post Office Closure

A couple of quick updates on the possible closure of Beeston’s main Post Office.

The issue was debated at the Council on 2nd March. There’s a report from Nottingham Evening Post. Over 3,900 signatures in the end for the petition.

If you want to learn more about how the Post Office will go about its forthcoming consultation on the planned closure you can read information at Citizen’s Advice and at the Post Office’s own corporate site.

Needless to say the Green Party are against the plans and we’ll keep you posted (sorry about the pun).