Vote Pat Morton

This is a statement from Pat Morton, who is the Green Party candidate in Broxtowe, in next Thursday’s election:

Pat Morton, PPC for Broxtowe.


The Green Party presents an opportunity to change the current divisive politics that ignores poverty and to tackle climate change and protect our environment.

I want to defend our public services, whilst creating a thriving and healthy local environment for us to live in, so standing for parliament in Broxtowe on behalf of the Green Party is a privilege.

I moved to Eastwood from Birmingham with my 7 year old son some 40 years ago and made this area my permanent home. I have had a long and successful career working in construction and higher education and I can bring a wide range of experience as I enter politics. I am passionate about the environment and about tackling inequalities. I have held many and varied positions of responsibility through my life and I am proud of being able to stand up for my principles.

There are many challenges facing this country. The Green Party is working for a confident and caring Britain that uses its influence wisely, co-operating with our neighbours on shared challenges of terrorism and tackling climate change. We want a parliament that is representative of the diversity of modern Britain – where the public can trust their representatives.

Too many people are left to wonder if their vote is worthless in the current system. Tactical voting may work in the short term but it changes nothing. I joined the Green Party because my views were not represented in any other party. Unless we use our voice we do not get our messages across. I want to do what I can to ensure the next generation has access to good education, our National Health Service, housing, libraries, parks and other green spaces that I and many others have enjoyed for most of my life. If we don’t take action I fear for the futures of our young people.

Stand with us for a bolder, brighter and better future.

Pat Morton nominated for 8th June election

Broxtowe Borough council have released the official list of persons duly nominated to stand in the General Election. Local Green, Pat Morton, has been official nominated to stand for the Greens.

There will also be candidates from Conservative, Labour, UKIP, and LibDems.

Full details are on the Broxtowe website:


NOTE: The deadline for registering to vote is Monday 22 May 2017.

Contact the council if you are not registered to vote at your current address.

Green results in Nottinghamshire: as they come in

Our Broxtowe Green Party candidates and their results as they come in today:

Kimberley & Nuthall

Kat Boettge: 397 10.4%  [Seat taken by CON]

Beeston Central & Rylands

Sylvia Rule: 217 5.5%  [seat taken by LAB]

Greasley and Brinsley

Bethan Hewis 248 7.0%


Pat Morton 84 2.7% [seat taken by CON]

 Toton, Chilwell and Attenborough

Richard David Eddleston 560 3.6% (seats taken by CON)
Mary Evelyn Venning 460 3.0%

Overall Green result in Notts:

Green Party 5,848 2.1% +0.2%


Full Notts results available on the Council’s website:

Today is local elections day

Don’t forget to vote!

Today is local elections day across the UK. Voting takes places for County Councils and for some new Metro Mayors in places like Manchester, Birmingham and the West Country.

If you live in Broxtowe, don’t forget to vote for your County Council representative.

Polls open 9am – 10pm.

Notts results expected about 5pm tomorrow evening (there is no overnight count this year).

For a full timetable of UK results, see the Press Association list.




Where are the Greens standing in County elections?

Next Thursday (4th) is local elections day, with votes for Nottinghamshire County Council.

Here are the nominated Green Party candidates and their wards, for the Broxtowe part of the county:

Toton, Chilwell & Attenborough (2 seats) – Richard Eddleston and Mary Venning

Nuthall & Kimberley – Kat Boettge

Brinsley & Greasley – Beth Hewis

Eastwood – Pat Morton

Beeston Central & Rylands – Sylvia Rule

Note that there is a Progressive Alliance this time between the LibDems and Greens, and we have agreed not to stand against each other in two of these seats (Nuthall & Kimberley; Brinsley & Greasley) and the Greens have stood aside in a couple of other seats.

May elections focus: Kat Boettge in Nuthall & Kimberley

Kat Boettge

Kat Boettge is our candidate in Nuthall and Kimberley in next month’s local elections. Originally from Germany, Kat has lived in Nottingham for 16 years. She is a single parent and works as a psychotherapist.

She has held many posts in the Green Party and has been a town councillor in Kimberley. In 2016 she was selected to be the Green Party’s lead East Midlands candidate for the 2019 European Elections (should they take place).

Kat has recently been involved in a campaign to save the trees in Kimberley’s Park Hall and in anti-fracking campaigns.