May elections focus: Pat Morton in Eastwood

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be introducing our various candidates for the Notts County Council elections on 4th May.

Pat Morton, Eastwood

Today, we introduce Pat Morton, who will be contesting the Eastwood ward on behalf of the Green Party.

Pat is retired, after a long career in surveying and higher education, and she is passionate about preserving our green spaces.

She says:

“I moved to Eastwood from Birmingham with my 7 year old son some 40 years ago and made this area my permanent home. When I came to Eastwood, I thought it was wonderful to see fields from the town and to walk in local woods. I am now retired and want to do what I can to ensure the next generation has access to the public services and green spaces locally that I have enjoyed for most of my life. The Green Party presents us with a practical solution to move away from the tired and divisive politics that ignores poverty and is destroying our environment. I want to do something locally to defend our public services, whilst creating a thriving and healthy local environment for us to live in.”

May elections: campaigning now underway

Broxtowe Green Party have started campaigning for this May’s County Council elections, which take place on Thursday 4th May.

Over the next four weeks we’ll be out and about knocking on doors and delivering leaflets.

Key policies for this campaign include:

  • No to fracking in Notts
  • Fighting health and social care cuts
  • Planning policies for a decent and healthy local environment
  • Affordable and decent new homes at Chilwell Depot, with plenty of green spaces
  • Protection of services for mental health and young people
  • No to HS2

Information on your local Green Party candidates will follow in the next few days.

Greens plan for 2017 campaign

Members of Broxtowe Green Party met on Tuesday (6th) at the White Lion, Beeston, to discuss plans for the forthcoming political season. Top of the list was campaigning for the Nottinghamshire County Council elections which take place on 4th May 2017.

The party plans to field a range of candidates across the Broxtowe wards and will be working with our sister local parties to present a strong Green front.

Party members will shortly receive an email outlining the selection process for candidates. In the meantime, if you want to know what being a councillor entails, the Local Government Association has a useful leaflet available here.

Register to Vote!!

The City council have sent out the following reminder on registering to vote:

“Elections for the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) will take place on Thursday 5 May 2016. There is still time to register to vote if you are not already on the Electoral Register – if you are not on the Register, you will not be able to vote.

Anyone who does need to register to vote should visit with their National Insurance number to hand by Monday 18 April.”

Kat Boettge selected for Europe run

KatBoettge Broxtowe Green Party member, and former Kimberley Town councillor, Kat Boettge, has been selected by the regional party to fight the next European elections as the lead candidate. Kat will be leading the regional party’s campaign to keep the UK in the EU over the coming months.


Kat said: “I fear that the EU referendum debate will be hi-jacked by migration and scare mongering. As an EU immigrant myself, I have found this very troubling and saddening. Our climate, the need for energy and wildlife do not have borders; it makes sense to address these across our borders. Additionally the EU has benefited us greatly; it has helped farmers, protected workers’ rights and it has allowed us all to live in any EU country we wish.”


Originally from Germany, Kat has lived in Nottingham for 16 years. She was the East Midlands Green Party lead candidate in the previous 2014 elections. Kat is a single parent, and is working as a psychotherapist. She has had various positions within the Green Party, including being the previous regional chair, the national Green Party’s spokesperson for social care and a Town Councillor for Kimberley.

The 2019 European elections will be fought under a proportional party-list system. Kat will be the number one candidate on the Green Party’s East Midlands list and so stands a good chance of being elected an MEP.