Special Meeting of Broxtowe Green Party

After a post-election Summer break, the next meeting of Broxtowe Green Party will be:

Thursday 28th September at 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm at the Resource Centre at 74 Middle Street in Beeston, NG9 2AR

This will be a special meeting, dedicated to thinking about the way forward in the new political landscape. The meeting is open to members and local supporters (although only members will be able to vote on any resolutions).

There will also be elections to the posts of local party Chair and Secretary.

So, please come along and join in the discussions on where our local party goes, post-brexit and post-general election.


Tomorrow is General Election voting day!

It does seem like a long seven weeks, but finally the day is upon is: tomorrow (Thursday) is polling day.

We’d like to urge you to vote Green for the following reasons:

  • Only the Greens are deeply serious about climate change and this real and present danger to our way of life.
  • Only the Greens will fight flat-out for an inclusive, tolerant society with a positive vision for a sustainable future.
  • Only the Greens are fully committed to a fully public NHS, with free prescriptions for medication.
  • Only the Greens want an economy that truly works for everyone.
  • Only the Greens will introduce a universal basic income.
  • Only the Greens will tackle the stress and family pressures that come from our long working hours culture (we’ll phase in a 4 day week).
  • Only the Greens will launch a major programme to build affordable, zero carbon homes, including 100,000 social rented homes each year by 2022.

There’s plenty more on our manifesto website: https://www.greenparty.org.uk/green-guarantee/


Finally, forget all the noises-off about Greens standing in the way of a Labour victory in Broxtowe. If Labour want to win then they need to win on their own platform, not by trying to persuade other parties to stand aside.

As Jonathan Bartley, Green Party co-leader says:

“My message to voters ahead of tomorrow is to vote with your heart, and vote Green.”

May elections focus: Kat Boettge in Nuthall & Kimberley

Kat Boettge

Kat Boettge is our candidate in Nuthall and Kimberley in next month’s local elections. Originally from Germany, Kat has lived in Nottingham for 16 years. She is a single parent and works as a psychotherapist.

She has held many posts in the Green Party and has been a town councillor in Kimberley. In 2016 she was selected to be the Green Party’s lead East Midlands candidate for the 2019 European Elections (should they take place).

Kat has recently been involved in a campaign to save the trees in Kimberley’s Park Hall and in anti-fracking campaigns. 

Broxtowe Greens and LibDems announce election alliance for May

Broxtowe Greens have today announced an electoral alliance with the Liberal Democrats for the forthcoming County elections in May.

The Greens will not stand in Bramcote and Beeston North, but instead offer our endorsement of the LibDem candidate, Steve Carr.

The Greens will also not stand in Stapleford and Broxtowe, again offering to endorse the LibDem candidates.

In exchange, the LibDems will not stand in Kimberley, where former town councillor Kat Boettge will be running for the Greens. They will also not stand in Greasley, where Beth Hewis will run for the Greens. Both candidates will be endorsed by the LibDems.

Local activist, Kat Boettge said: “It’s time for a different politics, a politics of co-operation and opposing the two party system.”