Notts County Council approves fracking site

Nottingham County Council have issued a series of tweets today indicating they have given planning permission for fracking to start in Bassetlaw.

“County Council approves Island Gas planning application for shale gas drilling at site in Misson, Bassetlaw. [1/2]”

“2/2: 37 planning conditions and a legal agreement imposed.”

We will update as we get further news.


World crosses 400ppm threshold for carbon dioxide

According to scientists, September is the month when atmospheric levels of Co2 should be at their lowest. The level for the month is above 400 parts per million (ppm) which means 2016 is on track to be the year that we officially pass the 400ppm threshold, which is seen as hugely symbolic and important.

The last time CO2 levels were this high, humans did not exist.

Read more at the Guardian website.

Boundary Review: Broxtowe constituency to disappear?

The Boundary Commissions review of new seat boundaries for General Election 2020 is now live and out for public consultation.

We are still reviewing the details and impact on our current arrangements in Broxtowe, but the major change is that there may no longer be a Broxtowe seat. The plans involve Beeston, Chilwell and Toton parts being merged into Nottingham South.

You can check the local plans here:

and more general stuff here:

We’ll be posting more when we have had a detailed look and, of course, this is now out for the public to comment on – so make sure you have your say!

Greens plan for 2017 campaign

Members of Broxtowe Green Party met on Tuesday (6th) at the White Lion, Beeston, to discuss plans for the forthcoming political season. Top of the list was campaigning for the Nottinghamshire County Council elections which take place on 4th May 2017.

The party plans to field a range of candidates across the Broxtowe wards and will be working with our sister local parties to present a strong Green front.

Party members will shortly receive an email outlining the selection process for candidates. In the meantime, if you want to know what being a councillor entails, the Local Government Association has a useful leaflet available here.

The Green Party’s radical vision

In an article in the Independent, Lee Williscroft-Ferris, freelance journalist and 2015 Green Party candidate for Hexham, argues that the new leadership team need to focus on making the Green Party distinct from Corbyn’s Labour. What’s needed is a major campaign for electoral reform and:

“a concerted effort to raise awareness of exactly what makes the Green Party distinct. While Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party unfathomably clings on to the principle of infinite growth on a planet of finite resources, the Greens should aim to redress the balance in the political landscape by emphasising its truly revolutionary vision for the future of our country and, crucially, our planet.”

Read more at:

Green Party Leadership


The Green Party is holding leadership elections this summer. Nominations for candidates have closed and voting will begin on 25th July.

The nominated leadership candidates are as follows:

  • Jonathan Bartley and Caroline Lucas (job share)
  • Clive Lord
  • David Malone
  • Martie Warin
  • David Williams

Anyone who is a party member will be able to vote and there will be hustings across the country in the next few weeks. Members will be sent emails in next few weeks outlining the voting process.

There is also an election for Green Party Deputy Leader and Broxtowe’s very own Kat Boettge is in the running for this.

For those on Twitter, you can follow the twists and turns at the twitter account:


and #GreenLeadership