No EU Campaign stall this Saturday

In light of the awful news about Jo Cox MP, the Green Party and Stronger In EU are suspending national campaign events, street stalls, and rallies today, Friday 17th June, and tomorrow, Saturday 18th June.

*** There will NOT be a stall on Saturday in Beeston. ***

Details of local EU Remain events from Sunday onwards can be found at the Stronger In EU website.


Remain campaign stall – Saturday

We’ll be running another EU Remain campaigning stall in Beeston centre on Saturday (18th) from 10:30am.

Meet at the Bell statue just down from Sainsbury’s.

Please do come down if you have a little time to spare. This is the crucial last week before the vote.

As Richard Eddleston, our chair, writes in a campaigning email:

Judging by the latest polls, if we care about remaining in Europe, then we need to do everything we possibly can to achieve that result.  As it is, it is looking increasingly likely that Boris will be Prime Minister in a couple of months time.


EU Campaigning in Beeston

Discussing the EU vote with Kat Boettge (centre), lead Green Party candidate for the European Union Parliament.


A busy morning campaigning in Beeston for EU Remain. Lots of interest and discussion, but the vote will be very close – many Broxtowe voters are tending towards Leave. If you are a Remain supporter you need to make sure you vote on 23rd June.

Beeston: The big EU debate

A packed crowd of well over three hundred people attended tonight’s EU referendum debate in Beeston. Passionate debate on all sides with arguments ranging across all sorts of issues including economy, democracy, trade, immigration, TTIP and farming.

The most passionate intervention came from a Remainer who asked what the generation who fought and died in the War would think about the plans to turn our backs on Europe.

A straw poll at the end was won by Leave. A massive warning to Remain campaigners in Beeston. We need to remake the arguments and get the vote out.


UKIP MP, Douglas Carswell, addressing the crowd in Beeston’s Pearson centre.

Caroline Lucas launches bid to co-lead Green Party

Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP for Brighton, has launched a new plan to co-lead the Green Party with Jonathan Bartley. Nominations opened today for a new leader following the end of Natalie Bennett’s two terms.

You can read more about their campaign here , including ideas for an electoral arrangement to move towards PR.

We’ll post news of other candidates as the nominations come in.

Voting takes place, for Green Party members, from 24th July.

Not a member, but would like to vote? Follow this link to find details of how to join the Green Party.

EU Debate – 14th June

There will be an EU Referendum debate on 14th June at Friends Meeting House, Nottingham (7:30pm).

What’s interesting about this debate, which will feature campaigners from Leave and Remain, is that the focus will be on issues beyond the financial. The debate will explore wider social, environmental and philosophical issues. This is being organized by local Quaker groups.

For further details, see their poster.



First EU debate in Beeston

Broxtowe’s first European Union Referendum debate took place in Beeston tonight at the Parish Church. A range of panelists, including Chris Barnett, a futures specialist, and the BBC’s John Hess, tried to help the audience make sense of the referendum and the issues involved. A lively debate ensued with plenty of questions and comments from the audience.

A straw poll gave ‘Remain’ the lead, but around 20% of the audience were yet to make their minds up.

The first of many in the local area no doubt.