Saturday: EU Remain stall & leafleting in Beeston


Broxtowe Greens will be running a campaigning stall for Remain on Saturday morning (11th) from 10am. This will take place in Beeston town centre, next to the bell statue on the walk through from Sainsbury’s.

We’ll be handing out Green and Remain leaflets explaining our arguments for staying in the EU.

Please come along and say hello.

Beeston: The big EU debate

A packed crowd of well over three hundred people attended tonight’s EU referendum debate in Beeston. Passionate debate on all sides with arguments ranging across all sorts of issues including economy, democracy, trade, immigration, TTIP and farming.

The most passionate intervention came from a Remainer who asked what the generation who fought and died in the War would think about the plans to turn our backs on Europe.

A straw poll at the end was won by Leave. A massive warning to Remain campaigners in Beeston. We need to remake the arguments and get the vote out.


UKIP MP, Douglas Carswell, addressing the crowd in Beeston’s Pearson centre.

EU Debate – 14th June

There will be an EU Referendum debate on 14th June at Friends Meeting House, Nottingham (7:30pm).

What’s interesting about this debate, which will feature campaigners from Leave and Remain, is that the focus will be on issues beyond the financial. The debate will explore wider social, environmental and philosophical issues. This is being organized by local Quaker groups.

For further details, see their poster.



Sign our petition for a greener Europe

The upcoming EU referendum means we could lose many rights we enjoy as workers, consumers and citizens – and vital protections for wildlife and nature that the EU gives us.

That’s why the Green Party is campaigning to stay in the EU – and to change the EU for the better.

We can’t leave the argument for remaining in the EU to friends of big business.

We need your voice to build a powerful Green campaign for a European Union that puts people and environment first – so please sign our petition.